All Good Things Sparkle

First official post… WOO!!! This website has been a long time in the making, so I am beyond excited to start getting some content up.

After weeks and weeks and weeks of traveling, I’m finally back home in LA and able to bake to my heart’s content. I wanted to start things off with a sparkly, shimmery, magical bang. And what’s more magical than a pack (herd? colony? gang?) of unicorns.

In case you’re interested in how I decorated these, here’s a quick breakdown:

Unicorn Horn & Nose: Americolor Gold Metallic Sheen painted by hand

Metallic Decorative Dots: Gold and Silver Lustre dust mixed with vodka and painted by hand

Lashes: Edible black marker

Pink Mane: Wilton Open Star Tip, half pink frosting and half white frosting

These cookies would be perfect for birthday parties, Halloween, or really just any occasion that calls for a little extra sparkle.

Cost per cookie: $4.00


Stay Sweet!


That Fall Feeling…

It’s officially Fall, so I can start posting all of my Fall and Halloween inspired cookies, right? Okay, maybe it’s a bit too early for Halloween, but I just can’t wait to share my latest project!

First up, just some elegantly simple Fall leaves. I decorated a basic sugar cookie with royal icing and then accented with sanding sugar. If you’re interested in replicating at home, a maple leaf cookie cutter is your best bet!


And to play off of the orange, red and yellow leaves, I created these fun “Candy Corn Mason Jars.” They are cute on their own, or you can make them a bit more Halloweenie by adding cobwebs and a spider. Ann Clark makes mason jar cookie cutters in all sizes, which you can check out here.


Both cookies are great options for school events, work events or just because!

Leaf Cost Per Cookie: $3.00

Candy Corn Mason Jar Cost Per Cookie: $4.00

Stay Sweet!